Canadian oil company Keystone pipeline protesters say pipeline will ‘kill’ them

A group of pipeline protesters who have gathered in front of a Keystone XL oil pipeline hub in North Dakota say they will not accept the pipeline if it is built in the state of North Dakota.

The protest, which was organized by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the United Farm Workers of America, was held Monday outside the city hall in the city of Morton County, where the pipeline is planned to be built.

A spokesman for the Standing Stone Sioux tribe said the protesters plan to block the pipeline until the state decides if it will go ahead with the project.

The group of protesters, who say they are descendants of Lakota people, said they were protesting because the pipeline will bring more than 3,000 barrels of oil per day to the U.S. market.

It’s not just a pipeline, it’s also a weapon to kill the Native people, and they are not going to take that threat lying down, said Mike Hudgins, the group’s leader.

North Dakota has rejected the pipeline, and the U-M’s president and president of the Standing Water Sioux Tribe have said they will use their legal remedies to block construction of the pipeline.

About a dozen protesters are also scheduled to demonstrate on the U,D.

side of the highway that will run through the reservation.