Ottawa-area residents to receive stickers for climate change protest

Ottawa — An Ottawa area woman is offering to send stickers to those who choose to participate in a climate change march this weekend.

“The message is: Stop doing what you’re doing and join us,” said Linda Ladd, of the Green Party.

“It’s not just about climate change, it’s about people being able to do their part.”

Ladd is a retired engineer and environmental activist who is working on a plan to raise awareness about climate changes.

She’s encouraging people to bring a green sign, wear a hat and a hat.

She says there are some who won’t take part in the march, but if they’re interested they can pick up a sticker that reads, “We have to change the world.”

“We’re a diverse society, and we’re trying to find ways that we can all be a part of something positive,” she said.

She also said if people want to get involved with her campaign, they should be aware of the law.

“We need to have a voice,” she told CBC News.

“If we don’t, we’re just going to be ignored.”

Lad is hoping the stickers can help people to connect with the environmental movement.

She said it’s not easy to find stickers for a protest.

She explained the process.

“I had to research the signs, because they are everywhere, so it was a lot of searching,” she recalled.

She has received hundreds of emails from people across the country who want to participate.

“They want to see what the message is,” she explained.

Ladd has created a website,, and is encouraging people who want a sticker to post it online and send it to her.

Lad said she plans to send them to people who are willing to participate as well.

“And if they want to be a participant, we can even set up an event,” she added.

“There’s lots of ways to participate.”