When the world stops listening: Why President Biden cancels a $2bn pipeline that would have connected the Chesapeake Bay to the Texas Gulf

By Daniella DeMariaAhead of President Joe Biden’s announcement to cancel the $2.5bn Keystone XL pipeline, the White House released a statement Tuesday that the president is “concerned about the potential impacts on the climate and the environment of the proposed pipeline.”

“The president believes that a pipeline that is built on wetlands and degraded habitat, and the impacts that will have on the environment and the Cheshamens waters should not proceed,” the statement read.

“He continues to believe that the Keystone XL project is in the best interests of the United States.”

The announcement came hours after President Donald Trump signed a new executive order aimed at curbing carbon emissions.

The president’s order would suspend federal funding for the Keystone pipeline for a year and prohibit all oil imports from Canada.

The move comes amid a climate push by some environmental groups, with the White the biggest player.

The US already imports about two-thirds of its oil from Canada, and US President Donald Trumps administration has long been an ally of the Canadian oil industry.

A spokesperson for the US Department of the Interior did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Last month, the US Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision that said a new Keystone XL oil pipeline would be able to withstand the risk of oil spills.