Palestinian pipeline workers to be paid in cash

Workers in the Palestinian Authority’s Gaza Strip will soon be paid with cash in an effort to curb the flow of foreign workers into the Palestinian territory.

A new law introduced last week by Hamas-run parliamentarians allows workers from Gaza to earn up to 200 shekels ($3) per day from their monthly salaries and tax bills.

The law also allows for workers to earn between $200 and $400 per month.

The measure was signed into law last week after a meeting between the Hamas-controlled parliament and the PA, which is the only government in Gaza that can negotiate with Israel.

The PA is one of the few institutions that manages to retain the Palestinian economy despite the blockade imposed by Israel since 1967.

The move comes as Gaza faces the worst humanitarian crisis since the 2015 conflict, when Israel launched Operation Protective Edge to destroy tunnels it claimed were used by Hamas to smuggle weapons into Israel.

The Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip is the sole enclave in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank that has not signed an international agreement with Israel that would allow for its residents to return to their homes.

In recent years, Israel has used a system of restrictions and restrictions imposed by the PA to impose economic and security restrictions on the West African nation.

The PA is currently seeking $2.4 billion in international aid for its ongoing economic and social suffering, with the majority of the money earmarked for reconstruction efforts.

Israel, which has its own economic and military blockade of the Palestinian territories, has threatened to cut off all aid if the PA does not sign a new deal with Israel within a week.

Israel has accused Hamas of exploiting the humanitarian crisis in Gaza to gain financial advantage.

In October, the military said it had shut down tunnels to smuggled weapons into the territory.

Hamas denies the accusation.