Why are you still working on the new Tomb Raider?

A few months ago, we started hearing rumors that a new Tomb Raiders game was in the works, and the project has yet to officially begin.

Today, though, it looks like we’ll have another big reveal on the horizon. 

It looks like the game’s developers have finally started working on an open-world adventure title, and it’s not in the least bit far-fetched. 

The developer, developer, and studio behind Tomb Raider has already released a new trailer, showing off some of the gameplay elements that players will be able to experience in the game.

The trailer also shows off some gameplay elements from the next Tomb Raider game, which we’ll get to in a minute. 

What do we know about the new game?

Well, it’s still under development, but it’s looking to feature some of what we’ve seen in the trailers so far. 

Tomb Raider’s game director, Mark Crowe, said in a recent interview that the game will take place in an open world. 

“We have a very open world, we’re trying to do it in a very traditional way,” he said.

“I don’t want to call it a traditional world, I’m not going to.

It’s a very, very open sandbox.

There are places to go, things to do, things you can do, but I want to give it that feeling of a sandbox, where there are places and places you can’t go.” 

“If we do do it with the sandbox, we want it to feel like a big open world,” Crowe continued.

“So we’ve been designing the game around that.

I think what we’re going to do is we’re not going for the traditional open world.” 

The new trailer does show off some areas in the world, but that’s mostly just for the game to show off.

It looks like Crowe is focusing on what he calls the “open world” concept, so that it can feel more like the open world from the Tomb Raider games than it does the open-ended open world of previous games. 

As the trailer shows off, players will explore a variety of different locations, including a hotel, a cave, a desert, and a jungle.

They can also explore different environments that take advantage of some of Tomb Raider’s environmental features, like waterfalls and caves. 

I’m not sure how this will translate to other games, but the trailer seems to suggest that Crowe’s team wants to make the game look “really great.” 

In other words, this is going to look like a great open-sourced game, right?

Not necessarily. 

There are a lot of details in the trailer that will likely have to be confirmed by the developers, but one thing that we do know is that it will be an open “world,” with a variety for players to explore. 

Here are some of those details. 

We know that players can explore different locations on the map, including places like a cave and a desert. 

At one point in the teaser, a character can be seen exploring a waterfall in the desert.

The waterfalls are the only ones in the environment that you can actually use.

Crowe also confirmed that there will be waterfalls throughout the game, and he also said that there are “other environments that have more waterfalls.” 

Waterfall exploration is a very popular feature in games, especially in open-source games.

In fact, Crowe has said that it’s a common feature in open world games.

However, that waterfalls feature could be a little more complicated than we originally thought. 

Waterfalls in games usually feature an underwater world.

That’s what we see in Uncharted 4, for example, and that’s the waterfalls you can use to get around.

Crowethe developers also mentioned that the water will be “very, very, close” to being water in the open game. 

One of the things that Crowthe developers mentioned is that the world will have a lot more “floating” elements to it than we’ve previously seen. 

When players walk through a water source, they will also notice that it appears to be floating.

This is also what we saw in Uncharted 3, and it’s one of the common features that open- source games use to keep players immersed in the gameplay. 

In addition to the waterfall exploration, Crowhes team has also mentioned how the game is going, “to be an adventure game,” and that the player can explore the world in “very different ways.” 

There’s a lot going on in the video, but we’ve yet to hear anything about the game itself.

It sounds like we may have a bit more to go on in this preview, but hopefully that information will be shared soon. 

Is this just the beginning? 

Of course, we already know a lot about the first game, but this trailer also hints at what is coming up for the next game in the franchise.