FourFour Two: FourFour: Taliban pipeline deal

FourFour two: Four Four Two: Taliban pipelines deal article Taliban pipeline deals are one of the biggest threats to Afghan society, the country’s former president says, in an interview with FourFourtwo.

In an exclusive interview with the channel, President Hamid Karzai says the Taliban are responsible for many of the problems plaguing the country.

Karzai says many people are being killed in the pipeline deal as well as corruption, and that he is deeply concerned about the pipeline’s impact on Afghanistan’s stability.

Karzai says he has personally seen the pipeline and its effects firsthand, and says the country will be a better place when the pipeline is stopped.

He says the pipeline deals were done for political reasons, but also because they were able to bribe officials to sign off on the deals.

The former president said the pipeline, which will transport about 20 million barrels of oil per day from the Iranian port of Bushehr to a pipeline station in the city of Jalalabad, was a major source of corruption and that the country is in dire need of foreign investment.

The president says foreign investment is a major factor in keeping the country stable, and he says the new pipeline deals should be stopped.