Biden administration is considering $1 billion pipeline contractors as contractors for Afghan pipeline

Pipeline contractors have been tapped to design and build the Afghan pipeline, an administration official said Wednesday, and the U.S. military is in discussions to buy about $1.6 billion worth of equipment, including welding equipment and tools.

The move comes as President Joe Biden is trying to secure the funding needed to complete the $15 billion, $20 billion, and $25 billion pipeline, which has been plagued by delays and construction flaws.

It also comes amid a wave of controversy surrounding the pipeline, after a recent video surfaced of an Afghan construction worker striking a protester and killing him.

A White House official told CNN on Wednesday that the Department of Defense and the Office of Management and Budget are reviewing the contract for pipeline contractors.

It is not clear whether the officials would be responsible for oversight of the contractors, the official said.

The official did not specify the size of the contract.