When the Northern Rivers floodwaters hit Sydney

The Northern Rivers flooding in Sydney’s CBD will continue for the next few days as the region braces for more heavy rain.

The floodwaters are expected to hit the CBD, the North Shore, South Shore and parts of the North Coast from Friday morning to Monday evening, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) said on Wednesday.

“Rainfall levels are expected in the CBD from about 6 to 10 millimetres per hour, the South Shore from 8 to 10 mm per hour and the North Beach from 10 to 15 mm per, EPA chief executive Chris White said.

Heavy rainfall is expected to continue into the early hours of Thursday morning, with the heaviest rainfall expected in areas along the north shore.

But the main flood watch remains in place for all areas of the region, including the North and South Shore.

It will also remain in effect for most of the Northern Territory until Tuesday night, with some areas expected to see a higher rainfall than expected.

On Wednesday, the agency warned of increased flooding in parts of Sydney’s inner west and south-west, with a number of rivers expected to reach dangerous levels of sediment.

There were two serious flood alerts for parts of eastern and central Sydney and around the city.

Residents are urged to avoid major streets, and to use extreme caution while driving in the flood zones.

Fires in Melbourne and Sydney’s northern beaches were also reported.

Emergency services were called to a house fire in Melbourne’s south-east at about 1.30pm on Wednesday, after it was reported in a residential area.

Emergency services arrived at the house and found the fire was burning.

Fire crews were called again at about 2.15pm to a fire at a house in the north-west.

They found the blaze burning in a backyard.

A fire in a Melbourne residential area was reported at about 3pm on Thursday.

The NSW Fire and Emergency Services Service confirmed a fire in the backyard of a Melbourne residence, with no injuries.

Emergency crews were also called to an incident at a home in the Melbourne suburb of North Beach at about 5.45pm.

The fire, at a neighbour’s property, was extinguished at the scene, with firefighters arriving at the property around 10.30am.

NSW Ambulance and NSW Fire & Emergency Services attended a call about a fire near a house at about 8.30.NSW Emergency Services said they were on scene at a property in the North West of Melbourne about 10.40pm on Friday.NSF Fire and Rescue was called to the property and extinguished the fire.

Fire crews have been called to two other properties in Melbourne after a fire broke out at a former fire station.

A fire broke through the building of the former fire service station in the area of Goulburn Street, Southbank.

A large fire was reported on the roof of a former building on the corner of Gough Street and Southbank Avenue.

Emergency service crews are on scene after a large fire broke into the former Fire Station at 9.40am on Thursday night.NSFW Emergency Services have been deployed to the scene of a fire on Gough St at 9am on Friday morning.NSWA Police is on scene assisting with the response to a serious fire in North Melbourne.

Police and firefighters are on site in North and Central Melbourne following a fire break out at the former property of a retired fire fighter.

A serious fire broke loose on the ground floor of the old fire service building at the corner in Northbourne Street at about 9.20pm.

A police dog was also sent to the site.NSFL Police is investigating the incident at the old building at Northbourne St and South Bank Avenue.NSWS Emergency Services are on the scene after responding to a call at the Northbridge building.

A number of roads and buildings in the inner city are currently closed due to a major fire at the site, which has been under renovation since last year.

A new fire station has been opened in the site of the fire at Northbridge Street and Northbridge Avenue.

A woman was injured in the fire in an old building in Northbridge.

A man was injured when a fire caused a serious alarm at the building.NSWs fire and rescue are responding to two serious fires at the intersection of Northbridge and South Bridge Road in Northcliffe.

A person has been injured in a fire that has been burning at the Southbridge and Northcliffe area.NSFS is on site responding to an alarm at North Bridge Road.NSSW Emergency Services is on the site to assist with a serious house fire at an apartment building in the City of North Sydney.

The building is located at the rear of the complex.NSWF is onsite responding to calls at a building on Southbridge Road.

Emergency responders have been sent to two separate incidents.

The Southbridge fire is believed to have started at a vacant garage at Northside and North Street.NSWC is on-scene responding