Canada’s TransCanada pipeline pipeline workers are fighting for a new contract

The TransCanada Corp. workers at the Alberta oil sands pipeline terminal in Edmonton, Alta., have been fighting for more than two years for a contract that would allow them to continue working on the $5.9 billion pipeline that runs from Alberta to refineries in California.

The Alberta government says it will award the contract to the lowest bidder.

In a recent ruling, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled that the company has no choice but to pay workers more than the $7.25 an hour they were making in the first contract.

The workers at Edmonton’s pipeline terminal say they are not going anywhere, though they have not heard anything about a possible deal with TransCanada.

They want a raise, a job security and a raise in the number of hours they are working.

They also want to have the option to retire.

The Trans Canadian workers have been working on a $5 billion pipeline from Alberta, which would connect with the Pacific coast, to the Gulf Coast.

The company’s CEO says they will continue working until they receive their new contract, which is expected to be signed in the fall.

The decision to end the contract has divided the workers.

The union representing TransCanada’s pipeline workers says the company can afford to pay them more, but not to the extent it has offered.

The National Union of Public-Employment Relations, which represents the company’s roughly 1,400 employees, said in a statement that it is “disappointed” with the decision.

“TransCanada is entitled to offer the best deal for its employees, but it has not,” said Chris Fauci, the union’s national president.

The government says the TransCanada workers are entitled to an annual pension of up to $18,500.

The province said it would pay the $6.3 million in severance they were receiving at the end of last year.

The deal will be ratified in the spring.

The ruling means TransCanada will have to pay the workers more money to maintain their health and safety, the company says.