How to watch the Keystone XL Pipeline story on CNBC (part 1)

Posted May 03, 2020 11:04:13By CNBC’s John HarwoodThe Keystone XL pipeline has become a flashpoint for ranchers, activists and environmental groups in a country where environmental concerns are often dismissed as politics.

In the latest episode of CNBC’s “The Big Picture,” CNBC’s CEO, John Harveson, joins “The Profit” host Jeff Jones to discuss the pipeline’s potential to help drive a $30 billion industry that is expected to grow by 60% to 70% over the next decade, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

The story, which first aired Monday, includes interviews with four former U.K. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd, an environmental expert, a former Republican congressman from California, a senior Trump adviser and former Goldman Sachs executive and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.CNBC’s Harwood also spoke with the head of the nation’s largest private pipeline company, Enbridge, as well as the president of a pipeline advocacy group and a former U:S.


He also discussed his upcoming “The Price Is Right” series, where he explores a few topics like the importance of clean energy and the importance in the U,S.

of investing in clean energy.CBN’s Harvesons show will be available on CNBC beginning May 16, 2020, and will also be available to watch on-demand on C-SPAN.