When the US won’t let its pipeline go forward, Canada’s N-Train could be ready for a Canadian takeover

Pipeline Canada has filed an application with the Federal Government to acquire a new US natural gas pipeline.

N-Trains is owned by TransCanada, which is seeking to build a new $5 billion liquefied natural gas export terminal in Canada, but that is not a priority for pipeline builder TransCanada.

N Train is a section of a pipeline that connects the Northwest Territories with Alberta.

It currently supplies gas to about 1.5 million households in Alberta.

The pipeline would be able to move liquefies around the United States in order to export their own gas to the Gulf Coast, where a pipeline system is already in place to bring liquefier gas to New York City.

However, the pipeline would not be able move liquids around the world, such as liquefying gas from Japan or North Dakota, which are not part of TransCanada’s proposal.

A federal judge has also rejected the proposed acquisition.

TransCanada is now seeking to acquire N Train.

A report in the Washington Post on Friday said that N Train has raised $2 billion for the project, but the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has yet to approve the transaction.

It’s unclear if TransCanada will use the money to fund a Canadian bid for the pipeline, but it could be possible for the Canadian government to buy N Train at some point.

The federal government also has said that it will not consider any new pipeline projects until the pipeline is built.

The proposed pipeline would bring liquids from Japan to New Brunswick, where it would be transported by tankers to refineries.

The U.S. has been looking for ways to increase exports of liquefiers like LNG to the Pacific, and there are some signs that President Donald Trump may be open to the idea.

It has been estimated that the pipeline project would bring about $2.2 billion in annual US export revenue.