KXL pipeline spill is just the beginning

Pipeline spill on Spokane’s KXR-TV station is just one of several pipeline incidents that have rocked the Spokane area over the past several weeks.

The KXK-TV report on the leak at the Spokane Valley Pipeline on Wednesday night showed a pipeline operator pulling a trailer out of the water to investigate what had occurred.

The company said the trailer was being transported in a vehicle transporting an excavator and that it would be towed later in the day.

An employee was on the scene at around 7 p.m. and said she did not see anything unusual, according to the report.

A crew was later dispatched to the site to investigate and was able to determine the spill was caused by an underflow pipe.

The pipeline operator said the pipeline had ruptured and that the rupture caused the overflow pipe to come out of its casing, according the report, which said that it was the first time an underflowing pipeline had been released in this manner.

The operator was asked to provide an estimated cost for the damage, and the company did not provide that information, according a news release.

The spill occurred after a water tanker from the Spokane, Wash.-based Dakota Access Pipeline was pulled out of a pipeline near Kettle Falls, Washington, on Feb. 22.

The pipeline was later found to be leaking and had been removed.

Dakota Access Pipeline, the operator of the pipeline, said in a statement on Friday that it had completed a full review of the incident.

“The company’s full investigation into the spill is complete and no longer requires further comment,” the statement said.

In January, the Dakota Access pipeline leaked about 10,000 gallons of crude oil into the Elk River.

The spill occurred about 20 miles upstream from a town in North Dakota.