A Pipeline Workers’ Union in Arizona, The Lad, Opens Its Door

Pipe welding is a popular but difficult and dangerous career.

The Lad Pipe Welding Union in Phoenix is opening its doors to anyone with the right skills.

Owner Dave Pappas told the Arizona Republic newspaper that the pipe-welding business is dying because of regulations and a lack of training.

“We are not the only one that needs to hire people who are trained,” he said.

“There are other people in the community who need a job that are willing to work hard.”

The Lad Pipe Welder’s Association says it has 3,500 members and 300 jobs, including welding in the construction industry.

Pappa says he wants to help the union’s members find new work.

“You have to find people who can do it,” he told the Republic.

“We need the community to get on board with this.

We need to find the people who want to do this.”

The union’s website includes a training video.

Papps says he has never had a bad welding job and that the video has helped him become a better pipe-wielder.

“I am just an old guy, but I have seen the light,” he says.

“I want to help this organization and the people that have to do it, because I feel like they deserve it.”